Order of the Shelf
     On June 29, 2023, Rockford Rotary continued a long tradition of putting the outgoing President "On the Shelf" by roasting the incoming President.  No one has been able to explain the logic of this annual ritual, but we continue to do it anyway.  Roast Master extraordinaire, Paul Logli, was again called upon to lead the festivities.  A sampling of two or three people in attendance agreed that he did an excellent job of keeping the audience laughing and having a good time.  Other highlights included past member and Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, Keri Asevedo, giving us an insight as to how President Pete will run meetings.  There seemed to be an emphasis on food which would explain a new committee charged with bringing lunches back to our meetings.  Something that was met with enthusiasm from the crowd.  It seems that most of the members of this committee as not been attending our meetings during the last couple of years but would come back if we had lunches again.
     Other highlights included PDG Jim Nelson presenting outgoing President Eric with the 2022-23 banner which has been handing from the podium during this last year.  It was also mentioned that President Eric has the honor of being President under Janet Jones, the first woman President of Rotary International.  Another tradition is the presentation of the Past Presidents pin to President Eric by incoming President Pete.  As a bonus, President Eric was also given a Rotary baseball cap (Eric loves to wear caps) with the 2023-24 motto, "Create Hope in the World".  President Pete also presented Eric with a metal gavel commemorating his year which has been created by Rockford Foundry, a tradition that goes back to Pete's Dad, Dick.
     All in all, it was a terrific program, and we congratulate President Eric on a successful year leading the District in new members, and welcome President Pete to lead us in 2023-24.
PDG Jim Nelson presents President Eric with the 2022-23 Banner.
President Eric gets his Past Presidents pin and a 2023-24 ball cap.
President Pete presents President Eric with his metal gavel.
President Pete talks about his plans for the upcoming year.
Summer Schedule Update
Summer Schedule
     President Pete has the following update regarding our summer schedule:
     We will not be meeting weekly in July and August, but we do have events scheduled. Please check your email for updates to events our Club could be adding such as a baseball game and or music at Sinnissippi.
     There are two events already on the calendar in July, a food bank event and the Coronado tour. So please check your emails.
     The fourth Thursday of July and August will both be Committee meeting days, same as our current schedule. You will receive a reminder email.
     Take a Summer Break.
Food Bank Project
Northern Illinois Food Bank
     Friday, July 14, 12:30-3
     We are going to help shoppers at the Winnebago County Market at 765 Research Pkwy.
     We hope to start a regular schedule at NIFB once a month during the day and once a month from 5-7 pm or Saturdays.
     If this interests you, please contact Becky Rundquist,, or 815-262-5110.
Coronado Tour
     Coronado Theater Tour, $10 donation
     Thursday, July 20th, noon
     Please join Rockford Rotary for a tour of the beautiful Coronado Theater! Lunch will follow (probably at Octane RKFD or the District so we don’t have to move our cars).
     There is a limit of 40 people, so please contact me ASAP if you are interested! Be sure to leave me your email address so that I can let you know final plans.
     Becky Rundquist, 815-262-5110
Rockford Rotary PayPal Account
Charitable Association PayPal Account
     Rockford Rotary Charitable Association now has a PayPal account.
     You can use this to reserve your spot at our April 27 High School Recognition Program, donate to support students and parents attending the Program, donate to our book project for the Rockford Public Library, or make general donations to the Rockford Rotary Charitable Association.
The PayPal handle is @CharitableRkfdRotary
Thank you!
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